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Using semiotic terms and concepts and thinking about the presentation of self (Week 1) and branding (Week 2), explain why you chose it, and what you are trying to signal, i.e., ‘I’m available for a relationship (but not creepy, clingy or desperate)’ to prospective dates/partners.

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Analyze how the site presents gender visually and textually (are the photographs, portraits or selfies? Write a comparative essay on any three sites of your choice, focusing on the homepage and profile criteria.

Selfies and dating Natalie Grace Sweet, “How Selfies have changed the face of dating”, 11 October 2013 , KQED Young people, selfies and sexual citizenship 1) Consider the role that ‘public’ selfies play within dating and social networking apps.

Choose or create a ‘public’ picture of yourself that you might use as profile pic on a dating app.

Consider the implications of sexuality and gender on image creation, looking and being looked at.

Option 1: Look at terms of service (To S) of websites/platforms you frequent (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Grindr, Tinder).

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