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We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account This project is currently in a production-ready but evolving status, so some not-retrocompatible changes might come in.

This issue will be a retrocompatibility breakage tracker.

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Also, since #203 was merged, we have a way to specify that we don't want the database manager tools, and a simple shell/click-odoo deployment script like this can just disable the The combination of both things would leave us in the same situation regarding security and sensation of security, while removing the need for the proxy protection, so it's being disabled by default from now on. This causes that most of the time you have to update it from its git master.

This image bundled the latest pypi version of that library, but actually the official scaffolding always updated it from git.

The default scaffolding image will use Postgres 10. OTOH, this will reduce the amount of containers to be booted up by 5 for each testing deployment.

Since that's the default recommended environment to use for running our QA suite, this can mean quicly hundreds of containers. Images: environments, which never had data persistence guarantees.

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However, deprecated images will continue to be available in the same place (just not updated anymore), and current scaffolding-based deployments will continue to work, as their code is local and doesn't depend on public official scaffolding. When #165 and Tecnativa/doodba-scaffolding#5 get merged. The testing environments already have the requirement to run in a server that declares an example does not seem like adding much difficulty to the current status.TBH, most times it should just work equally, or even better. That bug has hit many customers in production, so it seems safer to upgrade to this small bugfix release by default. Many people is starting to build their own docker images for their own development/deployment workflows, and many discard using Doodba as a base because it enforces an opinionated workflow.There's a chance that upgrading the PDF rendering engine breaks some specific reports on some corner cases. This opinionated workflow is mostly due to the fact of having many ONBUILD triggers in the dockerfiles, such as these: this patch, in images odoo 11 and 12, you had to remove the duplicated, file_)) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/", line 696, in read self._read(fp, filename) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/", line 1077, in _read raise Missing Section Header Error(fpname, lineno, line) configparser.Missing Section Header Error: File contains no section headers.

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