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HODGE: I feel like Hardison has always been pretty easy for me.As far as playing different characters within the character, I think that’s fun.” And he gave me the gist of it, but he didn’t give me the full monty. ” Do you have a favorite episode or storyline from this season?When I actually found out what the deal was, in that last episode, I said, “Oh, wow! HODGE: It would probably have to be “The Rundown Job,” which we shot as Episode 12 and will probably air as Episode 12.

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They have to associate with each other a little bit differently. I’m trying to figure it out.” But, I think she’ll surprise us with what she came up with.

Aside from the Hardison-Parker relationship, what other changes are going on with the team?

HODGE: Hardison and Nate (Timothy Hutton) have always had their own very specific relationship, but now they have something new going on.

There’s a particular partnership going on that the rest of the team isn’t privy to. It’s weird because now they have to be secretive with everyone else.

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