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Even the Row Command event is fired without any issues. Now the Update button raises the update event when the application NOT IN the View state automatically, which accidentally also happens to be the correct way of working for my user control!If I check the "Command Name" in the Row Command event, then I see that for each and every (AJAX) post back that is happening, when I click on "Update" Link button, "Edit" command is called. I need to create the user control entirely from the code behind file and hence no mark-up is allowed! Well, I concluded that there is some mysterial relationship between the Edit state of the application and my user control.So I am having an issue with doing an update in a Gridview during an On Row Updating event.

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I have tried to override On Row Updated in my custom control, but the breakpoint never gets hit.

And because of this I am unable to update the data. This XML file is converted into a data table and then is bound to the grid view. There are mutliple update panels in the parent files and files in which this user control is being used. I am a happy man now that my user control is working...

But Row Editing and Row Canceling Edit events are fired without any problem. I have the following code in my user control: using System; using System. but I am a lot more confused now than before when the Edit event was raised when Update button was clicked.

Moreover, if you have observed the above code, the view state is enabled on the gridview.

And hence I am making use of the View State with a code similar to this in On Load event.

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