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Interpreteens The housemates would try to interpret songs that would be assigned to them.

The Philippine housemates were assigned the song "Magic" by One Way while the foreigners were given "Butse Kik" by Yoyoy Villame.

On Day 22, the well-to-do housemates abandoned the Apartment to move in to Villa, leaving the Apartment uninhabited.

On Day 23, a new group of housemates called "Teenternationals" inhabited the Apartment for a while, until they were merged in to Villa on Day 39.

Formerly, the House A from Double Up, Villa inherited the large Swimming Pool of the past season's main house garden.

Villa was originally occupied by the Teens Housemates who grew up and lives in a rather humble lifestyle far from luxury and privilege.

On Day 22, the remaining Apartment Housemates would move in to the Villa, signifying the merge of the Pinoy Housemates.

On Day 39, the Teenternationals, albeit rival teams, merged with the Pinoy Housemates under the Villa roof.

Hu Laban-Hoop The housemates from both houses would take part in a hula hoop twirling contest, wherein they must twirl the hula hoops for several times and pass them to the other housemates.They had six hours everyday to practice for the performance.The Big Goal Concert Hold a concert in which the earned money will be given to the soccer/football team of the Philippines in order to enter for the Homeless World Cup being held in Brazil.It wasn't until the Teenternationals moved in that beds were provided in the house.The original occupants of the Apartment were the Teen Housemates who grew up and lives in a privileged lifestyle in contrast to the Villa Residents.

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