Command canexecute not updating

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This is done by setting the Can Execute property of the event arguments to true.The Executed handler simply shows a message box when the command is invoked.Just see how much simpler this example is: No Code-behind code needed for this example - WPF deals with all of it for us, but only because we want to use these specific commands for this specific control. Notice how I use the Command Target properties on the buttons, to bind the commands to our Text Box control.This is required in this particular example, because the Wrap Panel doesn't handle focus the same way e.g.

The visual interface consists of a single button, which we attach the command to using the Command property. The Can Execute handler, which WPF will call when the application is idle to see if the specific command is currently available, is very simple for this example, as we want this particular command to be available all the time.

a Toolbar or a Menu would, but it also makes pretty good sense to give the commands a target.

Dealing with commands is pretty straight forward, but does involve a bit extra markup and code.

Update As the state of the button is being determined when the active focus is changing, I believe the .

This will mean that these commands work automagically in the majority of situations (where the UI is altered, or the focused element is changed).

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