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--AN MUSICALS and Plays-with-or in-need-of Music Precious Bane is a musical-in-process. Workshopped with Shadowboxing at Boston Playwrights Theatre and at the 2009 ICWP Retreat at Ohio State University. Boston's Brothers in Liberty Saga of Boston dock workers and the events leading up to the Boston Massacre in 1770, with hymns and popular songs from from the era. Cast of 1 Musician plus 5 women and 7 men, with some doubling. Written and workshopped in the 1980s through Playwright's Platform, re-written in, 2005 and tentatively scheduled to be performed by an amateur G & S society in California next year. Unit set of tavern with sleeping loft; some outdoor scenes on forestage.As you move forward in looking for other providers, we’d recommend [competition] or [competition]. Below is a list of next action steps you can expect from our team.[list of action steps]Sending your competitors business: While recommending your competition may seem backwards at first glance, I’ve found it to be effective because most businesses will take ANY client and few have a systems in place to weed out problem clients.By sending your competition the time wasters, the emotionally abusive, and scarcity minded, not only do you look like a “complete pro” to the client, but you let your competition handle the problem clients so you can get more of the ideal clients.(I’ve even gotten legitimate thank you letters from former competition for sending them clients that weren’t a fit.I tried once to hook it up with a college Theatre Dept - a great venue for it IMO, to no avail. The play had a workshop production at Arlington St. A collaboration with composer Miriam Raiken-Kolbon to adapt Mary Webb's 1926 novel, there's a song demo available and the show's progress will be chronicled on our Prcious-Bane Web Site (coming soon). Hawthorne's Ghosts The Perfect Marriage of the First Great American Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne and his Muse and Helpmeet Sophia Peabody is the subject of this Operatic fantasy about a poet who has won a commission to collaborate on a Great American Opera. Inspired by Zinn's A People's History, begun in a Playwrights' Platform workshop run by La Mama's Ellen Stewart and rewritten at the ICWP Retreat at OSU in 2007, it needs more developmental work and musical arrangements. PLAYS (without music) Spirit and Flesh Epic biography of Victoria Woodhull, the mesmerizing spiritualist and stockbroker who was the first woman to run for President of the United States— in 1872, on a platform of Equal Rights and Free Love.

By providing a simple list of next steps, you can often prevent huge misunderstandings and future headaches. Today I’d never let a client go over email — be a pro pick up the phone or schedule a meeting — but I’ve included this so you can see how I used a form of this script below.

Some are preceded by a detailed synopsis including plot, issues, theme and/or genre such as romantic comedy or political drama: all include character descriptions with gender and age range of actors required, technical resources needed for set, etc. Granny Wears Combat Boots Activist Grannies are the left's version of the Tea Party, free at last to act out the radical 60s idealism suppressed by the Reagan Revolution. Set in and around the haunted Tanglewood building where the poet and the composer work. Modified Rapture Two divorced women, firm friends from the days when they were in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas at Girls' Latin, try to help each other flourish in the Church Basement G & S troupe where they perform and in their entanglement with the ill-matched men in their lives: Jane's Matt is 12 years older than Jane is, while Peggy's Tom is 12 years younger. Vicky spent election night in jail, arrested for trying to vote for herself.

Testimonial: I'd like to encourage many to read Geralyn's "Under Siege" - it is an important, important piece of work, and challenges ALL. Determined to inspire younger generations to organize, agitate, and vote the rightwing rascals out, neither illness, frailty, conflicted loyalties, threats, arrest or even death can daunt them. Historical drama, researched and accepted as my Thesis Project for an MA in Women's Studies at Goddard/Cambridge in 1976.

Should patents and copyright and encryption be outlawed? What happens when strangers with a malign agenda are able to edit it? It is difficult, in this 21st century, to imagine that a woman wearing a bus driver's uniform was a shocking sight just 25 years ago, but so it was. The show got raves and was a STO hit for the People's Theatre in Cambridge in 1979, and was revived in 1980 when the People's submitted a grant to tour it to NE schools with an Equity cast.

This show is a collage of the reactions to that one small step for womankind, in the form of skits and songs for a troupe of at least 4 men, 3 women, and a musician or two. They got the grant, but the funding level was so far below the actual costs that the tour bankrupted and closed the 40 year old leftist community theatre. I donated the script, contributed a few hundred to the original production, and wasn't even consulted about the tour.

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