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The first provides mean ceramic dates for the chosen level of aggregation. The data in each query are generated using traditional ceramic ware types such White Salt Glaze, Creamware, Pearlware, Chinese Porcelain, and American Stoneware. Citing Your Query The data in DAACS are freely available to all researchers.

The manufacturing date range for each ware type was assigned using traditional documentary sources (e.g. We encourage the use of DAACS data in published papers, theses and dissertations, class assignments, and other research projects. DAACS data, like any published material, should be cited.

A mean ceramic date offers a quick and rough indication of the chronological position of a ceramic assemblage (South 1977).

The mean ceramic date for an assemblage is estimated as the weighted average of the manufacturing date midpoints for the ceramic types found in it.

In 1783, a Connecticut doctor blamed a recent “bilius colic”epidemic on all the local lead glazed redware flooding the market during the English embargoes of the time. Daniel Rhodes defined the ‘official’ narrative during my own college years. I poured over them and absorbed their implied lesson – see the rest, end with the best: Song Dynasty Chinese Imperial porcelain. Hervey Brooks, Connecticut Farmer-Potter; A Study of Earthenware from His Blotters, 1822-1860. State University of New York College at Oneonta, New York. Talk long enough to most potters today and the topic of pyromania will eventually arise. 18th and 19th century redware potters were among the best at torching their shops. As it was, the obvious follow-up question was left hanging… How often have I seen him compell’d to hold up his Handle at the Bar, for no other Crime than that of being empty; then snatch’d away by a surly Officer, and plung’d suddenly into a Tub of cold Water: Sad Spectacle, and Emblem of human Penury, oppress’d by arbitrary Power! The Portland roster indicated a fairly open-minded environment in the midst of wide spread xenophobia and anti-Irish sentiment. Readings: Raised in Clay, The Southern Pottery Tradition (1984).

Philadelphia and New York newspapers issued challenges to develop alternative glazes. We were certainly offered a generic overview of the ceramic spectrum, but the ultimate lesson remained. The pictures in Rhodes’ book and the resulting chatter around the studio were our gateway (there was no internet back then). This was particularly true for Goshen, CT redware potter Hervey Brooks (1779-1873). Urban potters could take down large neighborhood swathes as well. But Duche’s song and dance convinced Georgia’s founder James Oglethorpe. How often is he hurry’d down into a dismal Vault, sent up fully laden in a cold Sweat, and by a rude Hand thrust into the Fire! Open minds are to be treasured even in the best of times.

The best lead source came from sheets used to seal tea – tea chest lead – reduced to a white powder by soaking in vinegar. During the trip, one of the potters lamented how she was taught nothing in college about America’s pottery heritage. He asked Georgia’s board of trustees for money, a 15 year patent, and more money. Almost like a tacit agreement that he ‘come with the shop.’ He rented an apartment on Green Street with several fellow potters. William was Irish in the mid 19th century northeastern United States. Albany slip came into common use, sealing somewhat porous jugs and protecting their precious contents. Some potters stayed true to their old groundhog kilns but others needed more stacking space and more consistent firing. During Prohibition, revenue officers looking for bootleggers would see shops filled with jugs one day and empty the next. ” “I didn’t catch his name…” Cleater Meaders of White County, Georgia remembers “Most of the liquor ended up in Atlanta or Athens – university people got most of it.” After Prohibition, visitors from cities like Atlanta and Athens sought out rustic ceramic ‘tourist items.’ The stage was set for Jugtown and all that followed.

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Types represented by more sherds have greater influence in the calculation.

As Germans fought to secure a place in the new order, they began proudly displaying their ‘German-ness’ for all to see through quilting, illuminated manuscripts, furniture, and other decorative arts.

This was the heady environment that witnessed the flowering of Pennsylvania sgraffito redware pottery, or “Tulip Ware” as it has become affectionately known. It also denotes pride and determination in the face of discrimination and disrespect. Tags: Fries Rebellion, John Adams, John Fries, Redware, Revolutionary War, sgraffito, Shay's Rebellion, Spartacus, Tulip Ware, Whiskey Rebellion Posted in Bucks County, Early American ceramics, Early American Pottery, Earthenware, Germany, North America, Palatine Germans, Pennsylvania, pottery and politics, redware pottery, Revolutionary War, sgraffito, tulip ware | 1 Comment » Lead glazes give people the creeps.

Please provide the following information in a bibliography when citing data from DAACS.

For additional information on citing other DAACS website content, see Guidelines. The DAACS database is periodically updated to include data from newly analyzed archaeological sites.

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