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Law firms continue to be the primary employers of paralegals and legal assistants nationwide.Large firms in urban areas generally offer the greatest compensation and tend to allocate paralegals to subject-specific teams, providing opportunities for specialization.Upon completion of a paralegal program, prospective paralegals and legal assistants are encouraged to seek national certification through a national paralegal association.

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There are currently no state-specific New Hampshire paralegal certification programs.

However, though national certification is optional for paralegals and legal assistants in New Hampshire, NALA and NFPA certifications are well respected within the legal community and have been generally accepted as a national standard of proficiency within the profession.

Since New Hampshire paralegal certification is not a requirement to begin a paralegal career in the state, candidates may take a variety of career paths.

Some paralegals start out as legal secretaries or legal document preparers and work their way up the career ladder.

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