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Once you reach Rank 8 with this Confidant, she’ll start a request called “A Teacher Maid To Suffer”. Answer three questions with these responses in order to establish a romantic relationship.Hifumo is first presented on 26/6 as the Star Arcana.Firstly, speak to the man outside the bookstore in Shinjuku a couple of time.

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Talk to her often in order to advance the relationship.She presents as a tough teacher early on, but eventually you find out she doubles as a maid.She’ll ask that you keep her second life secret, and will provide you with her number at school when you raise the alarm of another teacher being potential suspicious. Once you make the first call, talk to her often to improve the relationship.You’ll find Futaba hanging around the Hermit Arcana, and she can first be met on 8/31.You’ll need a Kindness rank of at least 4 in order to establish a romantic relationship with her.

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