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This conversation can lead to talking about your favorite thing about your personalities, your favorite things about each other, and your favorite things about other people in your lives as well.You can also start talking about what kind of traits you look for in a man, or that he looks for in a woman.As women, we know exactly what we want to hear, but unfortunately, men do not think the same way as us and they want to hear different things.You want to make sure to ask the right questions for him, but you also want to make sure that you are getting an accurate representation of what he is like.It is always good to see how much confidence and self-esteem your man has.

That is the first hint that he will treat you like that with everything else in life later on.

Everything that happens to you helps shape you into the person you are today.

Ask if he has ever truly had his heart broken, because, if he has, he isn’t going to ever want to make anyone else feel that pain.

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Online dating is a great thing, but sometimes it is hard to figure out exactly what to say.

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