Dating shes says shes not ready

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but sends mixed signals as to whether or not she wants to be your girlfriend?When a girl says she’s not ready for a relationship, yet seems really into you, it can drive you crazy. your neediness and fear will send her running away. you can learn how to ramp up the attraction she feels for you and take the “relationship” to the next level. Now let me share with you a question from a guy experiencing this common problem: The girl he’s seeing said she isn’t ready for a relationship. You see, for a woman to feel attraction for you, she has to spend time away for you to sort her feelings out. i'm working my but off to try and show her we can take it slow.. we will start having sex instantly..(which would happen), and that we would dive into this HUGE serious relationship.. Never in my life have i felt this strongly for someone. You do have a choice, you are choosing to keep doing this to yorurself in the hope she will see how hopeless you are and fall head over heels for you and live happily ever after. You need to start taking care of yourself and that includes keeping contact with her to a minimum.

I mean, she could have said that she is meeting other people and you'd be aware of what you were into before hand.

Don't drag yourself through hell for someone who isn't all-in on you. You presumed exclusivity with her without discussion and you have an (unjustly) negative view of women who date multiple people at once. It means that she doesn't want a relationship, whether that means not with you or not at all is irrelevant. It's likely that from her experience she is able to say what she does and doesn't want fairly accurately Move on.

Cut ties, take a breather, and get back out there with someone better, because there are definitely better women out there. Feelings are feelings and you're feeling hurt isn't invalid, but you can never presume exclusivity, regardless of length of time, number of dates, etc. Also looking through your history I noticed that there's a fairly significant age difference. Its never a good sign when a girl says she's "not ready." Its typically bullshit girls say to protect themselves from being hurt by telling the truth, trust me I have experience with this.

Relationships, bonding, wanting to know the meaning of “us”… Instead, if you create attraction correctly and the woman feels enough attraction for you, the relationship will take care of itself because she will be the one asking you questions about what label to put on “us.” So what should you focus on instead?

Look man, our tasks as men are very simple: Arrange plans to meet up with the girl, focus on being present in the moment, and enjoy!

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