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This means that the wealth must be built from scratch or via some high-level connections.

So, if you see a guy driving an expensive car (Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW 7 Series, high-end Mercedes Benz, etc), chances are he’s not leasing it as you would in America, but actually bought it with cash, with money that he made via a serious business or some corrupt means.

They have also been plenty of women who’ve been at least my height or taller.

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When it comes to physical build, it has been my experience that around 85-90% Ukrainian women (under 35 years old) are either slim or of average built, and I can probably count on one hand how many obese young Ukrainian women I’ve seen in the wild.They have straight and usually long hair, small curved-up noses, and typically small, squinty eyes.Ukrainian women vary in type of complexion; many are light-skinned, but many have also dark hair and dark eyes.This cultural element isn’t lost on women, so, like anywhere else, you have your share of conniving people trying to get their share at your expense.At first, I figured this was the result of poverty and low-income conditions.

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