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DBx1 needles are not really a very good match: the shank is too thin (1.58mm instead of 1.74mm) so that the needle is pushed too far away from the hook or shuttle, and the length from the butt to the eye is too short (33.7mm instead of 34mm) so that the eye comes too high as well. However, Schmetz DBx1 needles are slightly thicker in the shank (1.63mm) and slightly longer from butt to eye (33.9mm) so that it just about works. This latter name is a misnomer because they do not have a sharp point – regular needles have a sharp point.

But they feel sharp to the touch because the end of the needle is slim.

The bobbins for Jones CS machines are the same as those used for Singer VS machine, i.e., the “bullet” shuttle.

Note that they are longer than the older Singer 12 bobbins for the transversal “boat” shuttle.

See my post on vibrating shuttle machines for more details.

Later variants of Jones CS include models called “Consort” , “No. These models take different needles from Family CS, but are otherwise the same. You can tell old style Family CS from the new style CS by the type of the needle clamp.

Note that DBx1 needles are not fully standardised among manufacturers, and some of these needles work with Jones, while other don’t (must use Schmetz, see above).New CS has a Singer style needle clamp and takes standard domestic 15×1 needles. Jones Spool is a rotary machine after Wheeler & Wilson D9, full size only.Old CS does not have a separate needle clamp – the needle is inserted directly into the needle bar. If you want to know more about Jones machines, there is a nice page at Sewalot.The smaller variety was apparently used on even older machines.The Medium Spool bobbin is a rounded bobbin measuring 23mm in diameter and 7mm thick at its heighest point.

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