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You must have lived in Georgia for at least six months prior to filing a divorce action.The length of time a case takes to reach resolution is entirely dependent on the facts and circumstances in that case.Alternatively, your spouse may be served via sheriff or by a private investigator authorized by the court to serve litigants in that respective county.In uncontested cases – meaning a case that has been settled between the parties without the necessity of the court’s intervention – a divorce is granted after all the necessary paperwork is filed with the court. It's surprising that some people do not think that there are problems that can come out of dating during a pending divorce.

Other grounds for divorce include adultery, habitual intoxication and abandonment.

Courts do not approve of exposing children to new relationships before the current relationship ends.

Also, the number of relationships the children are exposed to is a consideration as well as the children's feelings regarding the new relationship.

In contested cases, a divorce would only be granted following a trial where the parties cannot settle the matter between themselves. The events in a trial or any hearing can vary widely based on the subject matter of the hearing or trial and the evidence presented in the case. If you are electing to proceed on a fault basis, such as adultery, the standard of proof is “by a preponderance of the evidence.” This means you must show that it is more likely than not that your spouse is guilty of adultery and that the affair was the cause of the dissolution of the marriage. If a child has not been legitimated, however, it is conceivable that the mother could change the last name of the child without the consent of the father.

If you try to represent yourself, you will be held to the same standards of an attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia.

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