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But when you ask men why they are into Russian girls, the most typical answer would be "They are beautiful".

No analysis of when this Russian-mania started on the dating market. So, the reason behind men from around the globe going mad about Russian women is the beauty of those Slavic females?

I did the online dating many years ago and a couple of men say that it was getting too expensive for them to ask women out because even if you meet them just for a coffee, it quickly adds up.

This isn’t a problem for Japanese men who usually will arrange a date at a very cheap cafe and still expect me to pay my share!

This was a little strange to me because I wasn’t sure what to do if I was really into someone.

Another thing that I noticed was that American men tend to pay for dates but Japanese men usually don’t.

This sounds a bit creepy but it’s not so much telling someone you love them but rather the Japanese way of letting them know you like them and asking them out.

Actually, there were too waves of western men's interest in Russian women.

And when you evaluate the reasons behind those two waves of interest, you will realize that the role or Russian beauty is less significant than most of the western men thing.

The second wave of interest came much later when men got a deeper understanding of Russian vs American cultural peculiarities.

It turned out that there is a significant difference between Russian and American women.

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