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If you installed security software and are having issues installing i Tunes for Windows, you might need to disable or uninstall security software to resolve the issues.If you see a "Windows installer package" alert message, follow these steps to try to repair the software through the Windows Control Panel.Learn how to remove and reinstall i Tunes and other software components for Windows Vista or later.Songs that you bought from the i Tunes Store or imported from CDs are saved in your My Music folder by default. Some background processes can cause issues that prevent applications like i Tunes from installing. Its either that or open the recordset and then use the filter property to filter the data. All this is causing me more problem because I was looking to bind the recordset to a TDBGrid (Component One Grid) and if I only have a read only recordset, this does me no good at all. The cursortype is always static if the cursorlocation is client, and the latter overrides the former. Michael Lee Hi Roy, After taing a look at the KB that I found. If your stored proc is a select query, then is the right method, if it's an action query, then command.execute.i Tunes for Windows requires Windows 7 or later, with the latest Service Pack installed.If you can't install the updates, refer to your computer's help system, contact your IT department, or visit support.for more help.

To download the latest updates, visit the Microsoft Windows Update website.

I added the above Cursor Location to see if problem went away, but it didn't. Michael Lee I have changed the above slightly but I'm getting the same results. Bob Just remove the space between faq and 222 - like this FAQ222-3670 ________________________________________________________________If you want to get the best response to a question, please check out FAQ222-2244 first'If we're supposed to work in Hex, why have we only got A fingers?

Execute Here is the Stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[nb_Get Insurance]@Patient ID nvarchar(12),@Admission Date smalldatetime ASSelect Key Id, Patient ID, Admission Date, Insurance_Name, Insurance_Number From Insurance Where Patient Id = @Patient Id and Admission Date = @Admission Date GOI do have the Cursor Location set for the connection object. (Read up on "disconnected recordsets" if you're interested.) I did an faq called "nickel tour of ado's different cursor types" (faq 222-3670, sorry, I haven't learned how to plug the hyperlink in here) if you're interested.

This may be a limitation of the Provider, or of the select Locktype).

Add New rs Main(User Name) = str Query End If rs Main. Close Set rs Main = Nothing CHeers Angel III is correct but to explain why: The cn. Open method on a recordset object allows you to specify the cursortype/location and locktype which you cannot do with the . Open "SQL Statement", Connection, Curs You actually reversed the connection and the SQL statement (the Open line should read rs Main.

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    The Row Updating event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.

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