Egtra updating plan documents

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Try-outs are held each year to place players onto appropriate teams.

The highest ranked players are placed on an A1 team, the next highest on A2, and the next on A3.

Cost is king for builders so we only stock the most competitive products on the market.

Nu-Rock Materials are 20-50% cheaper than traditional blocks and brick prices.

The standard Model A Panther chassis is used for building this vehicle.

The vehicle embodies all of the engineering principles and methods of design accumulated by the Germans up to the time of its production, and is quite...

Continue reading This rocket projector fires the 28 cm high explosive rocket (page 354) and the 32 cm incendiary rocket (page 353). This device, which functionally does not differ from the 15 cm and 21 cm Nebelwerfers...

We can provide quotes for supply only or supply and install of Nu-Rock blocks for your next project. We can educate, present and discuss our products with your team, clients or consultants.As a passionate believer in our building products we will work with you to help you profit from their use.Continue reading These two rocket projectors, or ramps, differ from each other only in construction details and in the material used.The Schweres Wurfgerät 40 is made of wood and weighs 115 pounds; the 41 model is of metal, weighing 243...

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