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In terms of output, it’s comparable to a Burstbucker 2.The standard model is paired with ’57 Classic Plus.For example, the new Gibson Les Paul Traditional emulate these classic tones, using the Burstbucker pickups described below.Burstbuckers are Gibson pickups that aim to authentically recreate the classic tone of a PAF in a modern pickup.

Here, we’ll take a tour of these, and explain the differences between them.

The PAF is the name given to the original Gibson pickup developed in 1955 by Seth Lover.

Up until this point, all pickups had been single coil designs.

As these have different magnetic properties, the characteristic tone of the pickup could vary considerably.

Secondly, as pickups were wound using machines operated by humans with no definite ‘stop’ point, pickup windings could also vary hugely, with a great effect on pickup output.

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