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Although in retrospect the significance of the ex-lawman’s conversion to Team Post-Apocalypse is undercut by the countless resolutions Rick makes and breaks in subsequent seasons, it was powerful at the time.What is the best behind-the-scenes anecdote about this episode?I've been here for close to seven years now and have met and lost quite a few friends.Real people from all the continents, different countries and cities are waiting for you to meet you, talk to you and go on a date with you!Not to mention that in most cases, it’s probably wise not to risk any confusion about why a protagonist is killing a kid.

The list was then assembled with those submissions in mind, and with one stipulation—that only one episode per show could make the cut.Yet her transformation, while just sitting silently on a throne, is astounding.One minute she is a reluctant young woman, and the next, she’s a face on a stamp. What is the best behind-the-scenes anecdote about this episode? In the penultimate scene, Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin talks to her dead husband, Judah, one final time.But she is rewarded for her patience with the Anointing—the climactic scene of both the episode and the coronation ceremony (as we learn in a flashback featuring Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, played by Jared Harris).Foy does not say a single word for the last 10 minutes of “Smoke and Mirrors,” and you could not point to a single change in her physical behavior.

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