Jessi cruickshank and dan levy dating

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Would have hated for the DL to embrace another closet case. I don't know if he's every publicly stated it but it's no secret. I have a close friend who worked at MTV and Dan's temper tantrums were the stuff of legend there. I'm sorry decided to move on from MTV (because no one is ever fired in television) was a happy day for many employees at MTV.

Watching him on Shitty Creek, R50, I totally get the vibe that he's a big drama queen and asshole in real life.

All my friends have ther own thing n i dont care bout it, only things that make true friends are people who genuinely want to ask you how your doing n hows it going.

Actually he is listed on MTV's website as openly gay, he was a VJ on MTV Canada and they wrote an article about how progressive MTV is and included him in the article. And speaking of, Elliott's buffoonery is the weak link in the show.

As much as I love it, I have to think Mutt's beard is fake, too.

Looking at a pic of the actor on imdb, his hair is not as dark as it is on the show, either.

I saw this and he's mentioned as openly gay.

I watched the Schitt's Creek US premier and thought he pretty much had to be. Thank goodness this was cleared up with it turning out that he's openly gay(something I feel like was already known, but I could be confusing him with another celebrity's gay son).

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