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Soon after the site launched the word began to spread..wildfire.The slightly risqué nature of Toyboy Warehouse became the centre point of a cougar dating media frenzy and new members signed up in droves.They include international business executives, divorced single mums and even a few famous faces.

Toyboy Warehouse was born and has since prided itself on celebrating relationships and connections of all types without the self-imposed boundaries of age.

Women with experience, a vest to find more out of life and a willingness for adventure.

The women of Toyboy Warehouse are an incredibly diverse group of individuals.

We’ve seen tens of thousands of members who have left with a genuine connections with someone of a different age range.

Toyboy Warehouse continues to build an environment where women can be confident of their genuine appeal to younger men and where men can meet and interact with the gorgeous older women they desire without fear of rejection or judgement.

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