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Shaking hands with children is considered very respectable.In a formal scenario, address people by their title and their last name.Talking up your own gift could cause it to be declined; you must also be careful about praising any possession if you interact with an Iranian or visit their home.If you praise something, the owner may try to offer it to you as a present.

Any physical contact with the opposite gender is forbidden.Most likely they will insist a second time and that time you should act humbly and accept their offering.In Iran, people have two different identities, the first, “zaher” (the public display) is in front of strangers, people dress very formally and conservatively, and do not accept compliments (tarof).A new “Pahlavi” dynasty was established in 1925 by Reza Shah.However, this dynasty was short-lived and in 1979, his successor, Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, was overthrown and sent into exile after a successful revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeni.

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