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Among traditional Hindu and Muslim Mauritian families, Western-style dating is rarely practiced.Rather, marriages will be arranged by the parents, with the consent of the bride and groom.Muslim weddings are characterised by a (wedding ceremony), which tends to be shorter than that of Hindus.Depending on the family, male and female guests will be accommodated in separate areas.Typically, a couple will have two to three children, though this number may be higher for families in rural or lower-socioeconomic areas.Respect for family is emphasised early on in childhood.Group and parental influences are also important factors in determining one’s choices.

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However, for most families, the unit is the most common household structure.The number of Australian residents that share ancestry with each country is based on the 2016 Australian Housing and Population census.This recorded people’s ancestry by the birthplace of their parents, not distant heritage.Online dating and matchmaking websites have also become popular ways for people to meet potential partners.Typical dates include recreational activities such as going to a cinema, dining at a restaurant or engaging in outdoor activities.

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