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Using a custom component is what you would use if the document URL and type is accessed dynamically from a remote service call.The rendering location, in-place within the messenger client, or external in a web browser or webview, depends on the messenger client used.Using this expression you can distinguish between a Qn A selection and a new user message. Switch component state and use the expression in there to determine the next navigation).So in the image above (and the skill you can download for this article), when a user selects an answer from the Qn A component, navigation is to a dialog asking if the user wants to ask another question (in which case navigation goes back to the System. If however the user typed free text, the transition is to the System.Oracle Digital Assistant orchestrates multiple different skills to a common chatbot user experience.

It's lends credence as to why Oracle was honored by Gartner when it was named a leader for Multi-Experience Development Platforms. That’s where security and privacy are taken more seriously. This year’s Open World, you’ll see exciting progress with our AI powered, conversational interfaces. A challenge for developers that is addressed in this article is how to sort entity derived lists. A challenge for developers that is addressed in this article...In a recent Oracle Tech Exchange article, Upload Documents in an Oracle Digital Assistant Conversation with Messengers like Facebook or the Oracle Java Script Client SDK, I explained how to upload documents in a messenger client through Oracle Digital Assistant.In this article I now explain the opposite, which is how to download of documents like audio, video, image and document files within a bot conversation.Qn A component tries to find the user entered message as a question in Qn A.The secret recipe to success is the expression used in the next transition: "$" When a user selects an answer from Qn A cards, then the message payload is empty, whereas if the user typed free text, it will have content.

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