Muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log

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Although Windows 10 includes a number of tools to troubleshoot performance issues, such as the "Performance" tab in Task Manager, you'll find that the Performance Monitor is the most complete tool you can use to view and analyze application and hardware data to fix system performance related problems.

You can also customize what data to collect in log files, define alerts, generate reports, and replay collected performance data in many ways.

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You can select counters, such as Bytes Received/sec, Bytes Sent/sec, Bytes Total/sec to see how much bandwidth is being utilized by your wireless or Ethernet adapter.

Add the % Privileged Time counter monitors the time the processor is using to execute in Kernel (Privileged) mode.

A high percentage of privileged time may indicate a poorly written driver or hardware malfunction.

If you're always downloading files or streaming high-resolution videos and bandwidth is consistently hitting 85%, you may want to consider upgrading your data speed plan.

However, if you're not using your internet connection heavily, but you still see high network activity, it could be a sign of something not working correctly, or it could also be a malware hidden on your computer.

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