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And there’s no good reason why.” While My Space and Facebook currently rule the popular crowd on the Internet social scene, Fader says the forces that make a hot site are difficult to quantify; any site could become the next outcast.“There is no reason to believe that these, or future ones that are emerging on the radar screen, will be any different.

Chris Hughes, a spokesperson for Facebook, says the company thinks of itself more as a directory grounded in real life rather than a social network creating connections between strangers.

“We model people’s real lives at their individual schools in a virtual space that enables them to exchange information about themselves.

We are not focused on meeting new people, dating or anything like that.

Popular social networking sites, including My Space and Facebook, are changing the human fabric of the Internet and have the potential to pay off big for investors, but — given their youthful user base — they are unusually vulnerable to the next ‘new new’ thing.

As quickly as users flock to one trendy Internet site, they can just as quickly move on to another, with no advance warning, according to Wharton faculty and Internet analysts.

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