Pisces man dating a libra woman

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Peaceful coexistence and a partner who is doting, not dominating, are what dreams are made of for Libra women.

Her need for partnership and attention in the here and now can leave her unsatisfied with her starry-eyed dreamer, but it is rarely enough to drive a wedge between them.

They can’t stand being alone and really function at their best when they are with their partners in all things.

Pisces men, on the other hand, are the dreamers of the zodiac and dreaming is most certainly a solo activity.

With a Libra woman as his partner, she can serve as the early warning system for him when he is being manipulated, which tends to occur frequently.

Pisces men are extremely empathetic and care about their partner’s needs enough that they will try to make them happy when problems are communicated.

It also puts him at great risk because his trust knows no limit.As gentle and shy as this sign usually is, his passion for the woman he desires will drive him beyond his anxieties if it means success.For Libra women, a selfless and overly-generous partner seems like a gift from above and suits her uncompromising demands for relationship equality and zero conflict.This can be concerning as, from the outside, the overly romantic fish may appear to be the dream man to never leave your side, but it is not so.While Pisces men are nearly uncontested when it comes to romance and devotion, they certainly balance it out by lacking in other areas.

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