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Colonel signaled the correction had taken place by taking a deep breath.In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is well understood how energy meridians and emotions are interrelated, giving us great pointers on how to efficiently help those who are grieving move through their emotions in a healthy way .After her slender body sank to the ground, I stood reverently in a solemn moment outside time.Yet Colonel’s non-ceasing screams soon pulled me back into the now.While such psychosomatic connections can never be proven, given the rich array of emotions evident in horses it only makes sense to support these animals when they’re experiencing grief.

Yet when the day arrived for her planned euthanasia, Jimmy and Colonel became upset as the mare was led away from the pasture they had inhabited as a trio for so long.TTouch can relieve not just physical pain, but also restore emotional balance and a sense of well being.For Colonel, I used “feathering” by lightly utilizing flicking motions of my hand, starting at his upper neck and going all the way to his thighs.Their eyes may be lackluster, their usual expressions of joy may fall by the wayside, and even food intake may be reduced.Sometimes they will just be a little quieter overall, which can easily go unnoticed.

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