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If you dress to look sexy, you are communicating one thing.If you dress in a way that’s totally casual, you are saying something else.Just think of what’s being conveyed when you’re on a date—let’s say it’s a first date—and the person you’re with reaches across the table and lightly touches your hand during your conversation.Or when they move in close while you’re waiting for a taxi.The same goes for whether you look sloppy, well-groomed, successful, or high maintenance.The clothes you wear and the way you wear them are great ways to tell a date a little about yourself, about how you are feeling about the date, and about what you have in mind for the evening.Or when they deliver that “killer look” that lets you know that the date is going really well and that you two are connecting on a powerful level.On the other hand, if the person takes a step back or leans away each time you move a little closer, that communicates that things aren’t going as well (or that you need a breath mint! Notice that all of this communication takes place without the use of any words at all.

Like Wi-Fi signals floating unseen through the air, you broadcast hundreds of messages every time you interact with someone.

When you get dressed for the date, ask yourself, “Is the way I’m dressed sending the signals I mean to be sending? But if not, you might decide to dress up or dress down a bit, depending on how you want to come across.

You Send Signals with the Invitations you Offer or Accept Certain dating activities don’t really hold any specific significance at all.

Inviting someone inside for a drink at the end of the date signals that you’re at least open to the idea of the relationship becoming more physically intimate.

Asking someone to go away for the weekend implies sex, and maybe even a new level of seriousness in the relationship.

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