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Well, after his series of romance, it seems that Seth has finally found his possible wife.He is currently seeing actress Halston Sage, who is 20 years junior to him.2) It currently reads as if the cadence of the character's voice is somehow bound to be different on the grounds of the character's occupation. Maybe this is due to 9/11 being a major event for Mr. He almost was on the plane which hit the Twin Towers.Should I (or someone who gives even more of a damn)re-write this? The influence from that incident can be seen with examples from the show.Later in February 2018, Seth and Halston were spotted sharing a romantic dinner together at a celebrity hub Sushi Park located in West Hollywood.Seth Mac Farland with girlfriend Halston Sage at Sushi Park in West Hollywood in February 2018.The couple had a wide smile and looked extremely comfortable with each other that fueled thier rumors.

However, those relationships were not to last long.

Everyone seems to be okay with whatever she is doing. He also has been giving his ultimate support for the gay community while supporting and standing up for them in every aspect.

Seth even addressed the gay issues relating to marriage and adoption rights in his sitcom Well, despite it all, he showed his support which even landed him in situations where he was asked if he was a gay.

Well, her grandmother even revealed that she is completely comfortable with their age difference as and is happy for her granddaughter and her new found love. we can’t say 'don’t be with him,' 'congratulations' or 'it’s not a good choice.' Only she can make that choice.” Well, seems like Seth and Halston has received the blessing from their elders and if things went right they could someday be exchanging the wedding vows.

He expressed saying to “I don’t think there is anything wrong with them dating. Well, apart from his love life, Seth has always with supportive of love.

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