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Brooklyn Being a parent -- whether it’s for babies or puppies -- has some tough moments.

For city dog owners, getting a pupper used to the many sounds and distractions of the city can be an ordeal -- one that might involve lots of barking and stress for your little friend.

Well don’t settle for being big dog in a small pond -- take your friend to the World Dog Expo on June 9 and 10.

This event is open to everyone and every dog -- take a look around, get inspired by some of the skill competitions, and even pick up some tips from professional trainers and classes.

Maybe you two will even begin training in a new activity together -- whether it’s jumping, retrieving, or... Read on to see the ways you and your dog are going to make this season into the adventure it’s meant to be.

New York/New Jersey Think your dog is the best pup in the world?

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But what if you guys want to get a little down and dirty?

For those owners who don’t mind a little dirt under the fingernails, the Nashville Mud Run on May 5 is a great opportunity to go out and get some great exercise -- and now the “Dirty Dog” division lets you and your pet tackle the course together.

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