Simplify media stuck on updating

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These changes simplify the process and speed by which a production environment can be updated to newer versions.This redesign was done to help customers stay current with less risk, and less operational overhead when installing each new update. BLR Media offers advertisers to target professionals in key industries such as HR, Employment Law, Safety, Environmental, Compensation, and Training.The information in this topic can help you run a test database upgrade before you install an in-console update for the current branch of Configuration Manager.Also, a few of our users need to keep previous versions of Office running, and some users have multiple devices with different versions on each one.

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We configured it to automatically exclude certain systems and deliver upgrade packages in phases, so that different groups of users received the upgrade at different times.

Having some of our users on this slower release cadence gives us more time to validate the release and application compatibility before users receive the update.

Other users who want feature updates as soon as possible are configured to receive them from the Monthly Channel, so they receive updates monthly.

If you still plan to test the upgrade of a site database when you install an in-console update, the following information supplements the guidance on installing an in-console update.

Before you install a new update in your hierarchy, like update 1702, you can test the upgrade of your site database.

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