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I'd say a good place to start is with mindfulness-based work.It sounds like connecting with others is an issue for you.I agree it's not an absolute line in the workplace sand.

It's no different from the job seeker market: the longer you're unemployed the less desired you are to employers.

If a guy only hangs out with you when you plan and initiate everything -- get out --he’s lazy and you’re not desperate.9.

Wanting to look good is fine, but if you depend on makeup, Maybelline could sabotage the relationship down the road. If a date makes you feel bad about yourself when you’re together, he’s not worth it.11.

The article is written for women because the majority of clients in my practice are female, and a lot of these tips are common complaints of single women.

Instead of implying that women are at fault perhaps you'll see these tips are meant to empower women in the dating pool.

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