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We hoped for a new, shiny plan operator and instead got exactly the same results as before.

Let’s try a few other queries and see what changes we can uncover: , respectively, and then delete those rows.

When connecting to SQL Server, we use the physical server name for the default instance and physical server name\INSTANCE Name for a named instance.

If you change the physical server name, there is no need to re-install SQL Server to reset the physical server name.

If you are running a database on a SQL Server 2016 server, but it is in an earlier compatibility mode, then no new optimizer features will be applied when queries are executed in your database.

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Starting in SQL Server 2016, Microsoft guarantees that new query optimizer improvements will only be available in compatibility level 130.Here’s a brief list with a bit of detail: These changes are almost exclusively enhancements—each improving how execution plans or statistics are managed or adding parallelism into plans that previously could not benefit from it.If you’re using old has algorithms that are discontinued in SQL Server 2016, be sure to transition to newer ones that are supported prior to upgrading your compatibility level.New optimizer features will only become available when the database is altered to utilize compatibility level 130.What changes when you move to compatibility level 130?

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