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"It's the people who say they're negative -- but maybe they're only assumed negative or maybe they've just never been tested -- who actually pose the most risk." It's also worth educating yourself about that risk."A once-daily preventive medication called Pr EP is now available for people who are in a relationship with someone who is HIV-positive," Alberda said.And try your best not to take their response personally." And for people with STDs who want to skip the uncomfortable conversation -- and get right to all the other wonderfully awkward aspects of dating -- websites like Positive and Dating offer a way to do just that."When folks are initially diagnosed, they are absolutely petrified of disclosing to a new partner, if they even want to date at all, so sometimes, a dating site can really help," Pierce explained.But most people find that the stigma itself is far worse than the infection." I asked Pierce and other experts to share more insights on dating when you have an STD."When first dating someone, most people want to put their best foot forward and disclose information about themselves over time and as comfort, trust and feelings develop," sex therapist Diane Gleim said.The experts I contacted point out that someone who knows that they have an STD is more likely to be aware of their sexual health.

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"Sure, some people experience rejection after disclosing to a new partner.

"How to make myself look approachable without coming off as easy or promiscuous, how to build self-confidence to put myself out there again, how to not fall for the first person who would fall for me in light of my disclosure, etc.

"After my first rejection, I remember thinking, 'That's it, I won't ever be able to be in a relationship anymore. I won't ever be a mom.' Those fears and insecurities even lead me to neglect letting some partners know of my diagnosis in a timely way.

"I've found that refusing to pursue someone's approval or acceptance of my chronic condition is the way to go," he explained.

"Attempting to validate myself through another person's acceptance is pointless.

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