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Install a local WSUS server, approve the needed updates, and configure MDT to use it (WSUSServer variable) 2.

Then, when creating the Windows 10 reference image, make sure the virtual machine doesn't have Internet access.

Whereas as system which had been allowed to update them had 58 apps.

A Windows 10 v1607 CB machine with no updates allowed, showing 54 apps.

Get-Win Event -Log Name "Microsoft-Windows-App XDeployment Server/Operational" | Where-Object | Select Time Created, Message | Format-Table -Auto Size -Wrap If you compare the count of apps, from the event log, from a system having the apps being updated or not (by simply putting the command in parentheses, and add a .count), you find that a system allowed to have the apps updated will have over hundred of apps, whereas as system with no Internet access, or updates being disabled will have less than hundred.

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The downloads on this site will no longer be maintained and eventually removed. The PKI Certificate Verification MP was a jointly developed by Raphael Burri, Pete Zerger and Jaime Correia, specifically for release on the System Center site.

Note that this doesn't happen all the time, it's a timing issue, but it sure happen often enough to be an issue.

If that happens you will get the following error in the BDD.

You can just run Get-Appx Package in a Power Shell prompt, or (Get-Appx Package).count to see the number of apps.

For a Windows 10 v1607 CB machine, that did not update any built-in updates, I had 54 apps installed.

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