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The Zune 80 featured a 3.2 inch screen, while the Zune 4 and 8 come with an 1.8 inch screen.

Both come with a new touchpad-style input device and new software (also available for the updated Zune 30.) Additional file support for H.264 and MPEG-4 formats was also included, whereas the older Zune 30 requires these formats to be transcoded to WMV prior to sync.

Retail packages contained a pair of basic headphones, a carrying case, USB cord, and a software CD.

A Zune was used as one of the main props for the movie 'Another Cinderella Story' starring Selena Gomez.

The Zune 4 and 8 come with a USB connection cord and basic headphones.

The first-generation Zune was created by Microsoft in close cooperation with Toshiba, which took the design of the Gigabeat S and redeveloped it under the name Toshiba 1089 as registered with the FCC starting in 2006.

The first Zune model, the Zune 30, was released in the United States on November 14, 2006, featuring a capacity of 30 gigabytes, FM radio, and a 3 inch screen.

The Zune 30 was initially available in black, brown or white.

Included in this update are the abilities to tag and later purchase songs heard on FM radio, channels which can be customized to deliver suggested songs for the user, and the ability to purchase songs from the Zune device via the Zune Marketplace, all available wirelessly.It can rip CDs, manage music and can be used to access Zune Marketplace.Purchasing items from it requires Microsoft Points or a Zune Pass.The update also included sample games - Hexic and Texas Hold' em.In addition, support for audiobooks from online stores like Audible.com, and Public libraries that support Over Drive media files such as the Free Library of Philadelphia was added to it.

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